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Your email address is an asset!

Would you give your home address to a perfect stranger? Probably not, so why are you ok with giving out your email address? The unfortunate answer is the internet forces you to. Every account registration online asks for an email confirmation in an effort to prevent fraudulent accounts and bots. Even if you are using Google or Facebook to login you are likely still sharing your email address.

Have you read their privacy policy?

I'm guessing you have not and you may not even know what a privacy policy is. A privacy policy discloses what a company can do with your information. According to >90% of the top 50 websites collect your IP address and contact information and permit sharing that information with contractors and affiliates. This may seem reasonable until you ask what an affiliate is. An affiliate can be any entity they have a business arrangement with. There is no practical way for you to know who these affiliates are or what they will do with your information.

Don't trust unsubscribe

While you should be able to unsubscribe from unsolicited email, you are rarely able to unsubscribe yourself from the affiliates. This puts the burden on you to receive the unsolicited affiliate emails and then go hunt down the unsubscribe process. Also keep in mind that unsubscribing only marks your information as unsubscribed. The company is likely still storing and sharing your information.

So what if they are storing it?

2017 was a landmark year for data breach disclosures with literally billions of users compromised most notably Equifax. The data lost may have provided hackers with a buffet of data about you including information about your passwords. Your seemingly innocuous email address is the key to hackers combining personal information about you from multiple sources which can be used to gain access to your online accounts.

Manage by groups

Idgon Features

  • Timed access
  • Unique usernames with autofill
  • Associate Notes with web services
  • Password Management
  • Domain Lock
  • Transparent to email
  • Analytics
  • Chrome Extension
  • Gmail Addon
  • Group Management
The off button for email.